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Secure cloud transformation: A four-step strategy for the CIO

February 05, 2019 / Zscaler

The business IT environment is changing rapidly and, as a result, today’s CIOs have to tackle a number of big challenges. 20 years ago, applications and data were stored on an individual’s computer. Today, cloud-delivered applications, services, and infrastructure are transforming business processes, services, and models.Cloud transformation has turned what was once a predictable and tightly controlled ecosystem upside-down. In the midst of all this change, CIOs are under pressure to improve employee productivity, encourage standardisation throughout the organisation, and ensure any changes that are implemented drive cost savings. Indeed, CIOs have a big job on their hands as they attempt to recognise the importance of—and embrace—new technology that will help streamline business operations and keep the company competitive, while saving IT significant amounts of time and money.