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How Fortinet's Intent-Based Segmentation Makes SDN Easier to Do

February 08, 2019 / Zeus Kerravala

There may be no hotter trend in networking and security than segmentation. The rise of software-defined systems have made it possible to carve up the network into virtual segments to isolate assets. In actuality, in discussions with IT pros, I find that segmentation is a little like going to the gym--where everyone talks about it but very few actually do it. The reason for this is that applying segmentation can be very difficult. The concept is easy to understand: Keep high-value assets away from others and, as they say, “Bob’s your uncle” (this means "and there it is" or "and there you have it"; this is commonly used in United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries). In practicality, there are multiple kinds of segmentation and often a lack of understanding of how to apply the various types.