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Paxata Taps Instana for Code-Level Insights Into Its Containerized Applications

February 13, 2019 / Ali Longwell

Paxata, a data preparation software company, tapped Instana’s application performance monitoring (APM) software to gain complete code-level visibility of its containerized applications.The Redwood City, California-based company develops software that enables business analysts to prepare their data to be used for analytics. Paxata’s environment runs 70 to 80 hosts at any given time and consists of 25 production servers. It also recently began moving to a containerized environment with Kubernetes and Dockers. Now, it uses them extensively for test-dev and quality assurance and is migrating to use containers for production as well.While Paxata had been using monitoring tools, they were too traditional for what the company needed. It was using Sysdig cloud-based APM, which primarily focused on infrastructure metrics but didn’t help the company get to the root of its application problems.