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How Cloud Computing Is Helping Small Bussiness

February 18, 2019 / Siva Prasanna

Previously cloud is made available only to big companies and is now made available to smaller businesses as well. With cloud computing era small companies are even overtaking larger companies. Everything is the on-demand basis from storage to security which gives freedom from investments. Most of the small businesses are being migrated to cloud and experience enormous benefits. In a study, it was revealed that in 2012, 4 cloud-based services are used by Us-based small businesses. By 2015 the number had grown to 7 cloud-based services.In fact, the cloud is around us and we have seen a huge expansion of cloud computing and cloud services in our daily lives as consumers, from smartphone apps to banking to services like Gmail or Google Docs. Cloud computing is only an interesting subject for IT professionals or a very technical subject that is difficult to understand. There has never been a better time for small business owners to connect with the power of the cloud to encourage increased ...