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Cloud resources are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals

February 20, 2019 / Clare Hopping

Hackers are increasingly aiming cyber attacks at cloud infrastructure, using it as an entry point to drive other attacks and relying on employees and businesses to misconfigure their infrastructure, leaving it open to attack.That's according to cyber security firm Symantec's latest Internet Threat Security Report, which noted misconfigured servers and cloud infrastructure are providing tempting targets for cyber  criminals. "The same security mistakes that were made on PCs during their initial adoption by the enterprise are now happening in the cloud " Symantec's report explained. "A single misconfigured cloud workload or storage instance could cost a company millions of dollars or land it in a compliance nightmare. In the past year alone, more than 70 million records were stolen or leaked from poorly configured S3 buckets. There are also numerous, easily-accessible tools that allow attackers to identify misconfigured cloud resources on the internet.