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Service assurance challenges in virtualized, multi-cloud networks

February 20, 2019 / Kelly Hill

What are the challenges for service assurance — and visibility and observability — as networks evolve toward virtualization, multi-cloud environments and edge computing?Network and service assurance needs are evolving rapidly, as more applications — both network functions that support telecom network operations, and enterprise applications — are becoming virtualized. SNS Research estimates that service provider SDN and NFV investments will have a compound annual growth rate of about 45% through 2020. Such deployments need assurance for both the underlying infrastructure as well as service assurance for the applications they are handling.RCR Wireless News asked a number of companies from around the service assurance space to weigh in on the topic, answering the question: What do you see as the biggest challenges for service assurance in an increasingly virtualized, multi-cloud network? Responses have been lightly edited.