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Why the future of application deployment is not a binary choice

February 25, 2019 / Gary Thome

Last year, an interesting headline appeared on Forbes.com: On-premise is dead. Long live on-premise. The author explained that although public cloud is pervasive, on-prem is certainly not dead. Pundits who declared on-prem computing dead and buried several years ago started to backtrack in 2018.Industry analysts seem to agree. Now it looks like even public cloud vendors recognise the market is not satisfied with only public cloud; therefore, they are pursuing on-prem opportunities. With the announcement of AWS Outposts, AWS made the tacit admission that not everything is moving to the public cloud. Yet, is embracing these same two options a flawed view moving forward? Historically, technology limited organisations to a binary choice: Go to the public cloud or stay on premises. In the future, businesses large and small will have a broad continuum of options of locations and consumption models. And the lines separating all of those options will blur as IT embraces the cloud experience.As...