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Modular data centres eliminate the need for specialised support skillsets: Opinion

February 25, 2019 / ETCIO

When your business commitments hinge on whether a delivery van starts properly on Monday morning, or the time it spends idling at traffic gridlocks, every second counts. Scale it up to thousands of fleet vehicles, and it is a gargantuan task—one that the logistics behemoth United Parcel Service (UPS) knows all too well. UPS deals with such eventualities using data from 200 embedded sensors in each vehicle. These inputs bolster UPS’ big data analytics strategy. It helps UPS’ fleet reduce annual travel by 85 million miles and save 8.5 million gallons of fuel. This use case is just a precursor to radical developments powered by Internet of Things (IoT), big data, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). Global forecasts indicate average daily data consumption in the range of 1.5 GB of traffic per person by 2020 (Source: Open Source Leadership Summit 2018/Intel). Throw in expected traffic from developments such as smart hospitals (3 TB per day for a hospital), and conn...