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DeepCloud AI: Decentralized Blockchain Cloud Computing for dApps

February 28, 2019 / Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team

DeepCloud AI is an AI-driven and blockchain-based cloud computing platform that runs decentralized applications such as IoT and Web 3.0 dApps and aims at reducing the domination by AWS, Google, and Azure in the cloud computing market.Additionally, DeepCloud AI will provide its users with access to a marketplace for computing and storage resources where both individuals and companies can share their unused computing capacity through DeepCloud’s decentralized cloud.The DeepCloud AI platform will have a wide range of use cases such as tracking of transactions by enterprises and shipping companies, caching of media streams by TV service providers and running and deploying of IoT and AI applications for smart cities. DeepCloud AI utilizes a business model composed of Network Resource Providers, network users or application developers, and the developer community. Network Resource Providers provide compute and storage resources for dApps and Decentralized Application Developers who con...