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10 Key Takeaways From Microsoft Execs On Cloud, AI And Windows

July 05, 2018 / kyle

One year after Microsoft unveiled a wide array of changes aimed at accelerating its business with partners, CRN visited the company's headquarters in Redmond, Wash., to hear from key executives on how the transformation turned out. By many indications, the business has picked up the pace over the past 12 months -- across areas including the Azure cloud platform, Office 365 and Windows 10.Microsoft executives told CRN that major investments into bringing together salespeople and solution providers have led to increased momentum, while hot areas such as artificial intelligence and security are creating new partner opportunities. We spoke with a handful of executives ahead of Microsoft's Inspire 2018 partner conference, which is taking place July 15-19 in Las Vegas. What follows are 10 of our key takeaways from the conversations.