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2019 Cloud Security Report identifies the leading enterprise security challenges in public clouds

July 18, 2019 / NA

Check Point and Cybersecurity Insiders have released the results of a global Cloud Security Report highlighting the challenges faced by enterprise security operations teams in protecting their public cloud data, systems, and services.While public cloud providers expand their security services to protect their platforms, it is ultimately the customers’ responsibility to secure their data and applications on those platforms. While a majority of organizations said their public cloud instances had not been hacked (54 percent), 25 percent did not know whether they had experienced a cloud breach, while 15 percent confirmed they had experienced a cloud security incident. The Reports findings clearly show that enterprise security teams need to urgently reassess their security strategies and address the shortcomings of their legacy security tools to protect their evolving public cloud environments and avoid breaches. With 15 percent of respondents reporting they have had a cloud security ...