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3 Cloud Computing Stocks That Are Winning From the Coronavirus

March 17, 2020 / Aaron Levitt

With the market plunging, it’s hard to find anything positive about the coronavirus-induced selloff. But there are some pockets of “green shoots.” As the viral outbreak continues to spread, many people around the world are now experiencing social distancing, work from home environments and other changes to their daily lives. That change has the potential to make several cloud computing stocks some big bucks over the next few quarters. The beauty of cloud stocks is that they allow workers, consumers and businesses to use their products/software from anywhere in the world. Simply, by just logging in via an app or on your computer. Given the shift to working from home and other societal changes due to the virus, several cloud stocks could win over the long haul. After all, there may not be a reason to bring business travel back if virtual meetings work well during the corona-crisis. We could be witnessing a complete change in how we function as a society. And these three...