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A New Approach for Virtual Private Cloud to Data Center Connections

July 09, 2018 / Frank Cabri

Virtual private clouds (VPCs) are becoming the foundation for using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other public clouds. Each VPC represents a virtual network that’s much like a data center network, except that VPCs can be created in seconds. Because VPCs are so easy to create, they’re proliferating in many organizations.As your VPC numbers grow, however, so do your challenges in connecting, securing, and managing them all. Once you exceed more than 10 VPCs with on-premises site and cloud connectivity requirements, the traditional point-to-point virtual router network becomes a pain to manage. If you’re connecting multiple spoke VPCs to on-premises data center resources, one of the AWS-recommended approaches is a global transit network. The advantage of a transit network is that you need to build only a single connection with your on-prem resources; the subsequent spoke VPCs can connect to on-prem automatically without going through another change-control process.