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Adobes Omniture purchase a decade ago set stage for cloud shift Experience Cloud

September 09, 2019 / Larry Dignan

Adobe nearly a decade ago bought a company called Omniture that would foreshadow the integration of creatives, content and data and created a building block that ultimately served as a blueprint for software companies trying to pivot to a cloud and subscription delivery model.
Not bad for a deal valued at $1.8 billion when announced in September 2009.The rationale behind the Omniture purchase wasnt exactly obvious at the time. I chronicled how Wall Street analysts werent necessarily on board with the deal. For instance,Walter Pritchard, an analyst at Cowen at the time, said Omniture looked more like a stretch to us since the companies sold to different buyers with business models often at odds with each other. That view was the consensus at the time.CEO Shantanu Narayen had a different idea. He said that customers wanted Adobe to connect the data dots between content, returns and engagement. His comments are worth reading if only for a jargon history lesson. Anyone remember chie...