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Amazon, Google, Microsoft: Here's Who Has the Greenest Cloud

December 10, 2019 / Peter Sayer

Data is the new oil may have outlasted its usefulness as a metaphor, but one aspect still rings true Both industries have a serious environmental footprint. According to the Department of Energy, data centers account for about 2 percent of all electricity use in the US.That means the cloud which powers every Netflix binge, PUBG match, and email has a lining made not of silver, but of carbon. For individuals, the bits in question don’t amount to much. The digital footprints of businesses, however, can be large enough to ding the environment. For them, finding the greenest way to store their data would help cut down on their emissions. But how does a high-minded plutocrat go about that? The answers are not always obvious.The top three cloud providers Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure account for approximately two-thirds of all rentable computing services, so WIRED has compiled a guide to help you understand how they decarbonize your data.