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Artificial intelligence and cloud computing: the future for scientific research

October 03, 2019 / Tessella

The buzz surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) is hard to ignore. Huge data sets and large amounts of compute are the perfect match for deep learning, wowing us with algorithms that have beaten grandmasters at games of chess and Go. Today, with access to no more than a web browser, the benefits enabled by breakthroughs in image and speech recognition – not to mention machine translation and more are just a few clicks away.Theres the growth of the cloud to consider too. We are depositing more and more of our data on virtual drives that make it easier to share, back-up and transfer information providing us with new opportunities both in the office and at home.But what do machine learning and cloud computing mean for scientific research? How can these tools help researchers to manage and navigate the vast datasets generated by increasingly sophisticated detectors and experiments? At big science facilities, data streams that used to be megabits per second are now hundreds of times...