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AusPost builds tool to plug cloud security gaps in 30 seconds

May 09, 2019 / Justin Hendry

Automates remediation in growing AWS environment. Australia Post has automated security remediation across its “growing” AWS public cloud environment using a tool that is capable of identifying security gaps and applying a fix in as little as 30 seconds. The government-owned corporation has built the solution to meet the contemporary security needs of its continuous delivery pipeline, with hundreds of developers now working to deliver products and services using AWS. AusPost has been using the hyperscale provider since beginning its cloud journey in 2013, when it opted to migrate off its traditional on-premise hardware and consolidate its data centre footprint. “We run a continuous integration and delivery environment, and we do roughly around eight to 12 production drops every single day,” head of security, education and culture Steven Stojanovski told last week’s AWS Summit in Sydney.