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Big Switch Takes the Fast Path to Hybrid Cloud Via On-Prem VPCs

July 18, 2018 / Linda Hardesty

Big Switch Networks will help enterprises set up virtual private clouds (VPCs) in their on-premises data centers, modeling the VPCs they use in the big public clouds. Big Switch is doing this to make it easy for enterprises to adopt hybrid cloud. When businesses set up their accounts with the major public cloud providers, they create VPCs. For Amazon Web Services (AWS) it’s called AWS VPC; for Microsoft it’s Azure vNet; and for Google it’s Google Cloud Platform VPC. Today, Big Switch announced its intention to bring “VPC everywhere” to accelerate hybrid cloud adoption.Kyle Forster, founder of Big Switch Networks, said the company wants to take the best of cloud networking and bring that on premises. It’s starting with VPC because “It’s the single biggest configuration that everything else hangs off of,” said Forster. “I think we’re the only ones taking this first step. We think it’s the fastest path to hybrid cloud...