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Blockchain and Cloud Computing: Complementing Innovations to Spur Growth

February 26, 2020 / David Cox

Aiding the evolution of new-age technologies, including blockchain, is the concept of IT internet, and IT infrastructure. These aspects are changing the way the corporate world conducts business and while these are impacting global trade, these are themselves going through a radical transformation. Users of the internet are experimenting with new technologies and especially the large organizations are shifting from traditional system-based centralized storage to new-age cloud computing. So that you know, cloud computing is a service of providing resources related to computer and computing systems on-demand. In simple words, users can access the data storage systems and computing prowess online which will result in substantial cost savings for organizations.The growth potential for cloud computing is estimated to be enormous. According to one research, the segment of cloud computing will grow and reach a market valuation of 411 billion USD by the end of 2020. The segment is dominated by...