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Businesses are finally starting to trust the cloud

September 05, 2019 / Anthony Spadafora

More than half 61% of security professionals believe the risk of a security breach is the same or lower in the cloud compared to on-premise according to new research from Nominet.The firm surveyed nearly 300 C-level security professionals from the UK and the US to compile its new Cyber security and the cloud report which marks a major tipping point in the perception of security in the cloud. Nominets research found that 71 percent of those surveyed were either moderately, very or extremely concerned about malicious activity in cloud systems. When it came to their biggest concerns regarding cloud security, 56 percent of respondents cited fines for data leaks while 54 percent worry about the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals.Security has traditionally always been cited as a barrier to cloud adoption, so it is significant that the perceived risk gap between cloud and on-premise has disappeared. It is evident that security concerns are no longer an insurmountable barrier to clou...