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Businesses need to learn how to manage cloud costs to get real value from serverless and machine learning-as-a-service

June 10, 2019 / Richard Gall

This year’s Skill Up survey threw a spotlight on the challenges developers and engineering teams face when it comes to cloud. Indeed, it even highlighted the extent to which cloud is still a nascent trend for many developers, even though it feels so mainstream within the industry – almost half of respondents aren’t using cloud at all. But for those that do use cloud, the survey results also illustrated some of the specific ways that people are using or plan to use cloud platforms, as well as highlighting the biggest challenges and mistakes organisations are making when it comes to cloud. What came out as particularly important is that the limitations and the opportunities of cloud must be thought of together. With our research finding that cost only becomes important once a cloud platform is being used, it’s clear that if we’re to successfully – and cost effectively – use the cloud platforms we do, understanding the relationship with cost and o...