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Challenges in cloud computing services and how to overcome them

September 09, 2019 / PAUL SKELDON

We are in the digital era.Due to technological evolution, the business landscape has changed completely. Most businesses have now migrated to cloud computing as a way to back up their data.According to a report by SolarWinds, 95% of IT professionals have cited cloud computing as one of the five most important IT strategies in business today. Cloud computing services offer a lot of benefits to businesses. It enhances efficiency, versatility, scalability, and offers a competitive edge from other companies.With an array of benefits to boast of, cloud computing has its challenges. However, do not fret.These challenges have solutions. In this article, we will explore these hurdles and how to overcome them. Security is arguably the biggest challenge in cloud computing. Cloud security refers to a set of technologies or policies to protect data. Remember, violating privacy can cause havoc to end-users.That is why businesses can overcome this challenge by adopting a tight security protection pr...