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Chinese cloud management growing At Rapid Pace, According to IDC

September 06, 2019 / NA

In its China Cloud Management Services Market Share report for 2018, IDC notes that overall Chinese cloud services market is growing at 131.4% year-on-year and is currently valued at $307 million. The country’s cloud operations management services sector is growing at an exponentially high pace and is worth $100 million alone. Other sectors like cloud value-added development, cloud migration and cloud consulting are also growing. However, despite the progress, the market still appears to be in very nascent stages. The market remains much dispersed, and there is room for growth. The report shows that the top 8 cloud service providers in the country hold a total of 34.3% market share. These companies include the likes of CloudCare, Accenture, iSoftSTone, IBM, ICS&S, Dt Dream and Digital China.Of these, Dt Dream is the largest service provider with a 6.5% share of the market. Digital China comes in at a close second with 5.8%, and ICS&S is third with 5.2% market share. Accor...