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Cloud Computing and Cloud Servers How Do You Know Your Cloud Data is Protected

January 08, 2020 / NA

Cloud computing is the deliverance of computing services including cloud servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the Internet (“the cloud”) to provide faster innovation, bendy resources, and economies of scale. You technically pay only for cloud services you use, assisting lower your running costs, run your infrastructure greater efficaciously and scale as your business wishes change. Cloud computing is one of the freshest buzzwords in technology. It appears 48 million instances on the Internet. Amidst all the chatter, there is one question about cloud computing that has never been answered: Who said it first?Few accounts hint at the beginning of the term to 2006, when large agencies such as Google and Amazon started the use of “cloud computing” to describe the new paradigm in which people are increasingly accessing software, digital power, and archives over the Web instead of on their desktops. But Technology Review t...