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Cloud computing could be the next frontier for Alibaba

September 10, 2019 / Arjun Kharpal

Chinas Alibaba is often compared to Seattle-based Amazon but the two dont really compete.Still, there are many similarities in their businesses: Both run e-commerce sites and have streaming services.But what could shed some light on the future direction of Alibaba is something that Amazon has already turned into a big business cloud computing. It’s an area analysts see as crucial to the Chinese firms future.I think cloud will be the main business of Alibaba in the future,Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba and now its chairman, told CNBC in an interview in November.Zhang took over the role of chairman of the board on Tuesday as Alibabas founder Jack Ma stepped down. The market will now be looking toward what the future holds for the 20-year-old com. Alibaba started off as an e-commerce company in 1999. Its since branched into payments, brick-and-mortar stores, streaming services and food delivery.But it is cloud computing that holds the most promise.Alibaba launched its cloud computing ...