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Cloud computing is great, but it isnt a backup system

August 06, 2019 / Phil Rhodes

Sometimes its hard to know how excited to be about the thing we are now calling the cloud. In one sense, its not a particularly new idea most of us have been using something we could reasonably call cloud email since the 1990s. Wheres your email stored? Doesnt matter; its on a server somewhere. Of course, we could write off much of the modern cloud as “a server somewhere.Whats changed is that everyones internet connections, even wireless internet connections over large areas, have made it possible to do a lot more with the system than just tiny fragments of data such as emails. In a lot of the world, and particularly here in the UK, governments and corporations seem to have concluded that there’s a certain maximum amount of money people are willing to pay for an internet connection, and that making greater provision doesn’t necessarily mean more income for a service provider. That’s a shame, because it risks denying a number of possible futures for the internet ...