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Cloud Computing’s Achilles Heel

September 19, 2019 / David Linthicum

Now that cloud computing projects are in their second and third generations, some of the most advanced cloud computing developers and architects, including many of those in the Global 2000, are hitting an unexpected wall. It’s a wall that stops some enterprises dead in their tracks and can often lead to a negative ROI from use of the cloud that could end in disaster for the company. In a word: Complexity. As enterprises move to private clouds, hybrid clouds, and now multi-cloud, the number of platforms, databases, devices, network, and end points continues to explode. All are different, with different types of operational requirements. Also count in the migrated and net-new cloud-based systems that get added to existing legacy systems, with few being replaced. All of this adds up to a tipping point where the growth of cloud computing increases enterprise IT complexity to a point where some enterprises experience zero or negative value from the cloud. The dream of operational cost...