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DataOps preparation It’s time to get your data out of silos and into the action

February 24, 2020 / Rob Whelan

Are you facing pressure to make better decisions, faster? Are you uneasy about making too many gut-level business decisions? Are you being asked to have a data strategy and wondering how to compete in a data-driven world?You are not alone. These are common themes emerging in today’s digital economy. Customers of all kinds from consumers to enterprise businesses have greater and greater choices than ever before. That means your customers are demanding more service, faster, and at a higher quality. How you decide to meet these needs is becoming very complex. You need to choose among many competing options. Increasingly, making these decisions by trusting your gut is a recipe for disaster.These difficult decisions are not made any easier with the rise of SaaS. While it’s easy to get up and going with SaaS offerings to handle business productivity needs, with every new SaaS offering you use, you end up siloing your data even more. Every department, every business function, has ...