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DataStax Offers Cloud-Native Database Management Based On Apache Cassandra

May 21, 2019 / Ali Longwell

Data management company DataStax today released a cloud-native version of its database management system. The system, Constellation, is a cloud-native version of its existing Apache Cassandra-based NoSQL database management platform. Robin Schumacher, SVP and chief product officer at DataStax, said that Constellation will help enterprises with the buildout of their applications and with the adoption of cloud technologies into their existing infrastructures. “Because data is the heart of every system, these same enterprises need a database that handles multiple workloads and data formats, never goes down, delivers data in the moment, can distribute data anywhere in the world, and is future proof in terms of scale,” said Schumacher. Constellation delivers this and also offers “push-button simplicity in terms of deployment and operations,” he added. And, because Cassandra is a “masterless architecture,” and forms the foundation of Constellation, Schumac...