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DTA reveals cost of new govt-wide Microsoft cloud deal with Data#3

September 10, 2019 / Justin Hendry

The federal governments recently renewed Microsoft volume sourcing arrangement will be worth $97 million over the next three years.The new agreement, which represents the fourth iteration of the whole-of-government deal, was inked in July to accelerate cloud adoption across government.While the existing volume sourcing arrangement (VSA) had allowed agencies to procure Office 365 and Azure, both the Minister for Government Services Stuart Robert and Microsoft indicated the latest version contained more favourable terms and pricing.
Microsoft said the new VSA would make “Microsoft 365 available to all federal government agencies on a cost-effective basis.It was also expected that the agreement would lead to less than two percent of the Commonwealth remain on legacy on-premise desktop licenses.
But the value of the deal with the government’s exclusive supplier of Microsoft licencing, Data#3, wasn't revealed at the time of the announcement.Now the Digital Tran...