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Edge Cloud Deployments Operator Proof Points

September 30, 2019 / HEAVY LIFTING

At the recent Edge Computing Congress in London there were some hints of how communications service providers (CSPs) might make money from edge cloud. But the event was not overrun with developers asking when edge cloud compute would become available, nor were there hordes of enterprises clamoring for new edge cloud-enabled services. There was, however, a palpable sense that if CSPs don't move faster, they will lose the edge cloud opportunity to public cloud behemoths.Heavy Reading has been researching the edge cloud opportunity and below we highlight some of the proof points from operators that are investing in these capabilities, some more cautiously than others.Heavy Reading spoke with Dave Shacochis, VP Hybrid IT Product Management at CenturyLink, to learn more about the companys recently announced plans to invest in edge cloud compute. According to Shacochis, CenturyLink, an enterprise-focused wireline operator, is already investing in compute capacity to support NFV; edge clo...