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Even if your cloud workloads are complex and data is privileged it’s still on the customer to secure

November 13, 2019 / James Bourne

Another day, another example of misunderstanding shared responsibility when it comes to cloud security. Or is it?A new report from identity and access management (IAM) provider Centrify has argued that while many organisations understand the basics of shared responsibility, the increasing complexity of workloads means that confusion occurs when it comes to privileged access.The study, titled ‘Reducing Risk in Cloud Migrations: Controlling Privileged Access to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments’, polled more than 700 respondents across the UK, US, and Canada. Three in five (60%) respondents said security was the leading challenge when it came to cloud migration generally, while more than half (51%) affirmed they were taking different approaches to securing cloud workloads compared with on-premises.Yet the responses begin to unravel after this. 60% of those polled said they believed cloud providers were responsible for securing privileged access. This goes to show that while...