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Fivetran Expands Database Analytics Footprint After Google Cloud Deal

April 15, 2019 / Antony Savvas

Fivetran has announced a partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate data loading into Google BigQuery cloud warehouses, to deliver analytics processing and business insights. The Oakland, California-headquartered automated data pipeline provider is a launch partner for Google’s Data Transfer Service, which enables BigQuery customers to use Fivetran data connectors without leaving the Google Cloud environment.The automated setup and product integration between Google Cloud and Fivetran will allow BigQuery users to accelerate analytics projects by reducing the setup and maintenance overheads traditionally incurred when centralising disparate data sources. “Every company should have access to all their data in one place, in real time, and Data Transfer Service is the realisation of that vision,” said George Fraser, Fivetran CEO and co-founder. “The era of every company building fragile, error-prone custom ETL pipelines is over. “Data Transfer Service gives y...