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Fortinet Is Making the Cloud Transition Look Easy

February 11, 2020 / fool.com

Cloud computing, once a nebulous piece of IT jargon, is now a massive industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year and still growing by double digits. Organizations around the globe are adopting the cloud now that it has proven its worth as an efficient way to operate business.This new computational power doesn't come without some challenges, though, security being one particular pain point cloud providers and adopters need to grapple with. Old cybersecurity methods just don't cut it, as the cloud opens up the ability for mobile workforces to connect with their place of employment's systems and data anywhere meaning creating a protective barrier around an office's network doesn't work anymore. Evolving needs have opened the door for cybersecurity start-ups to steal business from older ones. Legacy firms have been grappling with how to adapt, but Fortinet is doing just fine. First, I'd like to acknowledge that this piece is not meant to weigh in on the b...