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Friend Or Foe? Dell’s Marius Haas On AWS Outposts

October 15, 2019 / Mark Haranas

When Dell Technologies Marius Haas first heard that VMware was teaming with Amazon Web Services to create an on-premises architecture, known as AWS Outposts, he was worried.
At first when I saw [VMware CEO] Pat [Gelsinger] and VMware get really close in aligning with AWS, I was worried. I said, ‘Where is this going? Are we creating our own competitive ecosystem?’” said Haas, president and chief commercial officer of the $91 billion infrastructure giant, at the 2019 Best of Breed Conference Tuesday. “Then in hindsight, it was brilliant because now they bridge the ability to manage an on-premises environment which customers are really comfortable with and understand and now you can seamlessly start to harness the opportunities that the public clouds provide for certain workloads.It’s been nearly a year since VMware, which is part of the Dell Technologies family, unveiled its partnership with AWS to create a new hybrid cloud on-premises architecture ca...