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Gen 2 cloud is making an impact Oracle exec

August 19, 2019 / Stephen Withers

Oracle Cloud Gen 2 was designed from scratch, Sutherland told iTWire. Where most cloud architectures are based on single-tenant designs, Oracle started afresh in order to meet the requirements of hyperscale public clouds.For example, the systems used to control Gen 2 are physically separated from those running customers' workloads. There is a pronounced hunger for these services among larger organisations in Australia, because they see the potential for competitive advantage, said Sutherland.Oracle is providing far more than infrastructure," he said. Our applications are evolving into intelligent business applications.Rather than adding a separate ML engine, Oracle is baking such functions into applications.Where business applications traditionally provide a rear-view mirror into activities (eg, how many widgets were purchased, and how many gizmos were made from them), modern applications can apply ML to provide advice about what to do next.Examples include what to do with exc...