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Getting ready for the cutting edge of cloud computing

January 07, 2020 / Eric Broockman

Over the last few years, there has been increasing interest and speculation from industry experts around the potential of Edge Computing. With many expecting the “Edge Cloud” to overtake the "Hyperscale Cloud" in the near future, it’s important to clarify what this frequently misunderstood term means and whether they can live up to the industry hype.In some instances, Edge Cloud can simply mean hyper-converged solutions used within large locations. This is a more clear-cut example of Edge Computing and where we are predominantly seeing this technology currently being used. However, more obscure use cases such as small embedded appliances acting as IoT gateways or “mini-clouds” residing in 5G base stations are other examples of true Edge Computing.Another example that has received little notice is a new model using a multi-core X86-based Ubuntu Linux server and associated NIC card. Aside from being small enough to disguise as an Ethernet access sw...