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Google announces testing and updates for its cloud computing solutions

July 26, 2018 / Max Wang

Google, at its Cloud NEXT 2018 event, has unveiled the latest progresses of its inventions and solutions including the beginnings of an open beta testing for its Cloud AutoML Vision, an alpha testing for its Contact Center AI solution and the release of its third-generation TPU. Meanwhile, the Internet giant also updated its cloud computing applications including Kubernetes Engine and G Suite. Fei Fei Li, the chief scientist of the AI & ML department of Google Cloud Platform, pointed out that the new TPU has been tested by organizations and enterprises including Stanford University and eBay for their cloud computing systems and is officially available for purchase. The TPU is suitable for players in industries such as retail, education and medical. The public beta testing of Google's Cloud AutoML has attracted the registration of 18,000 users, while Google has also announced to add the Nature Language and Translation support to the AutoML service.