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Google Cloud acquires Cornerstone to help customers migrate their mainframes

February 20, 2020 / James Bourne

Google Clouds shopping list shows no signs of abating, with the company announcing the acquisition of Cornerstone Technology, a mainframe specialist.The 30-year-old provider, based in the Netherlands, has an overall remit of ‘helping customers protect and improve their investments in essential legacy enterprise applications’, in Cornerstone’s own words. Cornerstone uses automation to break down programs, turn them into services, and then make them cloud-native.This includes COBOL, which to the potential surprise of many is still used by many enterprises. A recent study from Micro Focus, the language’s arbiter, noted that for more than two thirds of businesses polled, COBOL app modernisation was a preferred strategy to replacement and retirement.As the industry increasingly builds applications as a set of services, many customers want to break their mainframe monolith programs into either Java monoliths or Java microservices, wrote Howard Weale, Google Cloud dire...