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Google Cloud adds Confluent, MongoDB and other open-source projects as managed services

April 15, 2019 / John Leonard

Confluent, the company founded by the creators of the Apache Kafka streaming data platform, announced last week that its Confluent Cloud for Apache Kafka is to be available natively on the Google Platform. In a blog post, CEO Jay Kreps said the move will including integration with core Google services for easier management and billing, allowing customers to take advantage of other services on GCP while only paying for what they use. Kreps added that Confluent Cloud is cloud native, i.e. designed to be deployed to the cloud rather than on-premises infrastructure, and thus avoids some of the compromises inherent in adapting software to run in the cloud. "This benefits both our cloud customers, who get new features at the pace they'd expect out of a SaaS solution, as well as our on-prem customers, who get features that are battle-tested at really large scale on our cloud platform," he said. Google is integrating other "open-source-centric" projects into GCP too. Th...