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Google Cloud bolsters security offerings at RSA as Thales report warns of more breaches

February 25, 2020 / James Bourne

Google Cloud has beefed up its security offerings to include greater threat detection, response integration, and online fraud prevention.The news, announced at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, focused predominantly on enterprise security product Chronicle, which was ‘acquired’ by Google Cloud last year having been a bet of the ‘moonshot’ X R&D company.Users will be able to target threats through YARA-L, a new rules language built specifically for modern attack behaviours, with Google Cloud promising ‘massively scalable, real-time and retroactive rule execution.’One part of Chronicle’s development, ‘intelligent data fusion’, is also being forwarded as part of this rollout. This means companies can automatically link multiple events into a single timeline. The move is alongside security partners, with Palo Alto – announced as a collaborator for hybrid cloud platform Anthos in December – first on the list.In terms o...