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Google to open data center for cloud services in Seoul early next year

May 23, 2019 / Pulse News

U.S. tech giant Google is on track to open a data center for cloud services in Seoul, South Korea, early next year, to better serve customer needs and provide innovative and efficient solutions. In a media briefing on Thursday, Lee Ji-young, head of Google Cloud Korea, said that customers in Korea will be offered innovative solutions in their businesses through Google cloud services from early next year.  Google is a late joiner to the burgeoning Korean cloud market but it has been providing the most adequate solutions to customers based on proven technology as owner of 8 services including G-mail with over 1 billion monthly users, she said. Lee’s comments come after Google announced last month during its annual Cloud Next conference in San Francisco that it will operate a new data center for cloud services in Korea by early 2020. Google operates data centers in major cities and countries where it provides cloud services and categorizes them as “regions.” Seoul i...