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How Cloud Computing is Changing Cybersecurity

October 07, 2019 / Justin Stoltzfus

As it has emerged over the past few years, the cloud has really revolutionized business and allowed us to do amazing things with web-delivered technologies. However, one of the biggest issues around the cloud has always been, and still is, cybersecurity. (Read The Truth About Cybersecurity.The cloud brings with it a host of cybersecurity issues. Some of them relate to the inherent nature of cloud computing, and others are exploited by hackers through very specific design processes. Here are some of the general challenges of maintaining cybersecurity in the cloud. (Also read How AI Advancements Are Affecting Security, Cybersecurity and Hacking.)
Because the cloud vendor model requires client businesses to trust outside third parties, transparency is a big issue. That starts with knowing what your vendor’s data setup is like whether it's truly a private cloud, or a multi-tenant design that should rightly be called public and how many barriers there are between the data h...