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How Cloud Computing is Driving Digital Disruption

January 08, 2020 / Varoon Rajani

The influx of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT and ML has rendered traditional businesses redundant. Digital transformation is the new paradigm, that helps them stay ahead of the competition. Cloud fuels innovation by giving a compatible set of APIs for developers. The way cloud computing is providing the reusability of IT resources for maintaining large databases is simply unprecedented. Enterprises are increasingly directing efforts toward cloud platforms to hone their digital strategies, expanding their core services on demand, and reducing investments on large scale infrastructure. With the emergence of the National e-Governance Plan, e-Sign Framework, Digital Lockers, AADHAR, etc., Indian government envisions of creating a digital footprint for every individual, facilitating the same with high-speed digital highways, technology-based mobility, analytics, Internet of things, etc. In retrospect, now, the case of the transformation of ‘India’ to &l...