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How cryptomining is the attack vector du jour - as hackers increasingly target cloud infrastructure

July 16, 2018 / James Bourne

Cryptojacking is on the way to replacing ransomware as the biggest threat for consumers and enterprises - and new research reveals the size of the effect crypto is having on cloud infrastructures.Cybersecurity firm Check Point Software, in its 'Cyber Attack Trends: 2018 Mid-Year Report', found that in the first half of this year, the number of organisations impacted by cryptomining malware doubled to 42%, compared with 20.5% from the second half of 2017.What's more, the top three most common malware variants in the first half of this year were all cryptominers. At the most recent RSA Conference, the SANS Institute presented its list of the five newest dangerous attack vectors; cloud storage, and data leakage and monetisation of compromised systems via cryptominers both made the list.The report asserts that 'a number of sophisticated techniques and tools' have been deployed against cloud storage services. Many of these attacks come about due to organisations' own...