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How DevOps can migrate to the cloud without sacrificing security

August 20, 2019 / Ivan Novikov

For businesses to thrive in the coming years, their future will likely be cloud-based. Growing adoption has made cloud computing the number one growth area across organizations since the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS), in 2002. It makes complete and easy sense. Digital transformation leads business growth. The cloud accelerates this transformation, streamlining processes and facilitating collaboration among global teams. The cloud alsoReplaces expensive hardware and associated management and operational costs with the on-demand computing power needed to develop and run applications Enables applications and underlying microservices to scale quickly without locking in any specific configuration of hardware.
Simplifies IT management options while increasing reliability over in-house IT infrastructures.
All the same, cloud migration like any revolutionizing shift comes with changes that impact how we should safely move business forward. The first step is to understand ho...