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How economies of cloud computing can modernise businesses in Middle East

March 16, 2020 / Necip Ozyucel

Does anyone remember a time before the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Doesn't it seem like we have been talking forever about digital transformation? But we must always remember that the means to engage customers, empower employees, optimise operations and reinvent products and services is a journey. And all journeys have a first step.That first step is cloud migration - a step that more and more Middle East organisations are taking, from the government agency trying to deliver more efficient e-services to the retailer focusing anew on customer experience. The intelligent cloud is so diverse, so powerful, so elastic, that it comes with its very own set of economies that deliver real benefits. Here are just a few. The intelligent cloud is home to technologies that most smaller businesses would normally never dream of using because they are too expensive or cannot be properly tested. Tools such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, natural-language processing and the...