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How Oracle is Convincing Institutional Users to Move to Cloud

December 04, 2018 / Chris Preimesberger

This is Part II of an interview eWEEK conducted with Oracle CEO Mark Hurd on Oct. 23 during the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco.SAN FRANCISCO—Oracle CEO Mark Hurd is tasked with many things, but convincing a lot of old-line institutional-IT customers to move as much of their IT infrastructure as possible into a cloud or clouds is one of the biggest and most challenging ones. We’re talking about huge, well-entrenched and wide-ranging systems in data centers run by government agencies, the military, multinational corporations, aircraft makers, oil and gas developers, scientific labs and others that are probably looking to retool their vast IT systems anyway. So, Oracle contends, why not move it all into distant, professionally-run data centers, and trust companies like itself and its partners with their crown jewels—which, of course, is all that data? Much easier said than done.