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How to use cloud computing and big data to support digital transformation

October 08, 2018 / Mark Samuels

Julie Dodd, director of digital transformation and communication at Parkinson's UK, hopes her digital transformation projects helps lead to the rapid end of the charity: "We want to find a cure and go out of business as quickly as possible. Technology can be crucial in that goal," she says. Parkinson's UK is using a combination of cloud computing and big data to drive a digital transformation across its business. Dodd says the data-led transformation means the charity can develop collaborative research into the condition and demonstrate the benefits to the people it serves."We work with lots of international organisations, such as pharmaceutical companies, charitable organisations and academic institutions," says Dodd. "Sharing data to help understand Parkinson's is really the crux of our work. Having access to technology that allows us to facilitate the sharing of data is crucial." Dodd believes all organisations, regardless of sector, must co...