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Huawei to sell servers powered by own chips

October 10, 2018 / Rene Millman

Huawei is to begin selling servers powered by its own processors, which will see it move away from Intel CPUs. According to a Reuters report, the processors are made by Huawei’s semiconductor company Hisilicon. These chips are featured in some of its smartphones and telecommunications equipment.Currently, Huawei sells servers powered by Intel processors to telecoms and cloud companies. Huawei has not divulged how many of its servers will make use of its own chips.The report said that Huawei will be using the 7nm-based Ascend 910 chipset; the firm claims this is twice as powerful as competitor Nvidia’s v100. The Ascend 910 chipset will be available summer next year.The chips won’t be on offer to third parties, according to the firm’s rotating chairman Eric Xu, speaking at the company’s annual global partners’ conference, Huawei Connect. Since we do not sell to third parties, there is no direct competition between Huawei and chip vendors,” Xu sai...